Foraging for wild mushrooms requires thoughtful study, perception and caution. Those who harvest and sell mushrooms to restaurants, stores, and at farmer’s markets have a responsibility to ensure they are providing a wholesome and safe food in order to protect the public health and safety of our food supply. To help foragers qualify as expert mushroom identifiers so that they may safely harvest, broker and sell wild-foraged mushrooms in accordance with Michigan law, we have developed a curriculum which covers the information needed to accurately and responsibly identify, harvest and sell wild-foraged mushrooms. Because it takes a great amount of preparation and studying to reach the level of expertise necessary to become proficient in mushroom identification, if you plan to take one of our mushroom identification programs in order to qualify for an Expert Mushroom Identifier Card from the State of Michigan, you will need to know all of the information contained in the links below prior to attending one of our workshops. Mushroom identification cannot be learned in just one day, so consider the workshops to be a review session, during which you may clarify with professional mycologists any information you may not find clear.

Mushroom Identification

Poisonous Species

Selling Mushrooms

Mushroom Study Guides

Sample Certification Test