Mushroom Recertification Message for MDARD and MAMI websites

Due to the sad and untimely passing of Midwest American Mycological Information Executive Director Chris Wright on January 29, 2020, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response, MAMI is not conducting certification or re-certification exams in 2020. MAMI expects certification and re-certification classes to resume in 2021.

Certifications for those who took the course in 2015 expire during the 2020 calendar year. Given these events and ongoing challenges, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has extended the expiration date for those whose certifications expiring in 2020 for one year. New certification cards with the extended expiration date have been sent to all certified mushroom experts whose addresses were available. If your certification expires in 2020, and you did not receive an extension certification card, please contact Denise Clemens.

MAMI Wild Mushroom Foraging Certification Programs

MAMI is proud to provide training for certification in wild mushroom identification. Successful completion of the program is recognized by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) as sufficient to qualify for an Expert Mushroom Identifier Card issued by the State. Certification as an Expert Mushroom Identifier will last for five years, after which recertification will be necessary.

Our programs are designed to ensure a participant will, upon successful completion, qualify to meet the requirements of Michigan to harvest, broker and sell wild-harvested mushrooms in the State, whether you sell directly to the public, restaurants, or retailers. Organizations and businesses such as restaurants, grocers and farmers markets who either buy direct from mushroom sellers or provide space from which such people may sell, are required by law to ensure all sellers of wild-foraged mushrooms do so in accordance with Federal and State law.

We also realize that there are professionals such as chefs, farmer’s market mangers and purchasing agents for grocers who may have a legitimate interest in being educated in this curriculum, but who may not necessarily need to be certified. Private citizens may also have an interest in being educated in wild-mushroom foraging in Michigan. To meet this need, we also offer the workshop, without certification, at a reduced rate.

What will be covered in the program?

The one-day program will run from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, with registration beginning at 8:30 am. The morning part of the program will include lectures on fungal biology, morphological characteristics of mushroom identification, as well as a review of every species of wild-foraged mushroom approved for sale in Michigan. Please see our Mushroom Study Guide page for the list of mushrooms covered. Following lunch, there will be a review of fresh and herbarium specimens, as well as interaction with mycologists to address questions participants may have. There will be a one hour break for lunch (included with the program), after which participants will have an optional hour to review their notes, ask any final questions, and study. Once individual participants feel they are prepared, they will be administered a test in order to determine their eligibility for being issued a Mushroom Identifier Card by the State.

The Test

Participants are required by law to be an “expert” in the wild-foraged mushrooms they identify and sell. Misidentification of poisonous mushrooms for safely edible mushrooms is a grave concern of public health and safety. To meet this standard, the test will be stringent and thorough. It should be made clear that an Expert Mushroom Identifier Card will not be issued unless an individual passes the test with a score of 80% or higher. It is, therefore, imperative that participants study all the material beforehand and come prepared to pass the test. The workshop should be considered a review session to confirm what has already been studied, and to clarify with mycologists any information that may not be clear after reviewing the study material. Those who are not prepared before the workshop should think twice about attending, as those who do not pass the test will neither be issued a card nor a refund. Attendees should prepare themselves appropriately before attending the seminar.

The test will consist of approximately 50 questions that will be a set combination of multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true/false. The questions may also relate to mushroom specimens that will be laid out on tables. A sample test can be found on our Sample Test page.

Upcoming mushroom workshops

The workshop cost is:

$175.00 for those seeking certification or $85.00 for those not seeking certification (non-certification).

Payment must be made in advance. Your reservation will be made at the time of payment. 

Those who sign up at least two weeks prior to the workshop will receive study materials in the mail; all others will receive study materials at the class. Registration will close one week before each workshop.  No exceptions or last-minute registrations will be accepted.

There are currently no workshops available. Please check back later for more information.

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